data encryption

Development of Mobile Facilities of Neuro-like Cryptographic Encryption and Decryption of Data in Real Time

The requirements are formed, the method is chosen and the main stages of development of mobile means of neuro-like cryptographic encryption and real-time data decryption are considered. It is shown that the development of mobile means of neuro-like cryptographic encryption and decryption of real-time data with high efficiency of equipment is reduced to minimize hardware costs while providing a variety of requirements, characteristics and limitations. The tabular-algorithmic method of calculating the scalar product has been improved.

System Security Model of Wireless Connection Technologies: Data Encryption in Wimax- Systems

The system model of wireless technologies security was proposed on a level of the structure “system – signal – channel – tract” and its metrological support according to the conception “object – threat – defence”. The software of data encryption procedure for WiMAX systems based on AES standart and C# programming language was developed in limits of the created model.

Parametrized orthogonal transforms for data encryption

In this paper a scheme of data encryption and decryption that takes advantage of fast parametrized orthogonal transforms has been proposed. A way of mapping the private key to the values of transform parameters has been formulated and the effectiveness of the proposed scheme has been verified experimentally. Moreover, the authors propose the directions of further research and development of the considered data encryption scheme.