The relationship between the concepts of "tactical purpose" and "tactical task" in the theory of operational and exploratory activity

In the article, based on the results of generalization of scientific positions on the research topic, it is concluded that such categories as "tactical goal" and "tactical task" are interrelated, but not identical concepts.

On the jury for criminal procedural legislation of ukraine

The article is devoted to theoretical and practical problems of people’s participation in implementation of justice in Ukraine.
The development of a jury in Ukraine as a form of popular participation in the administration of justice in the context of continental (European) and Anglo-Saxon legal systems.

Support judicial discretion

In terms of competitiveness of the domestic proceedings and the ambiguous approach of the theory of the judicial process and the legislator to judge procedural manifestations of activity in court cases urgent problem of the judge's discretion in the preparation for the trial, in a case in court, the reopening of the case in view of new or newly discovered facts.