Method of decision-making the proactive project management of organizational development

Modern requirements to competitiveness, especially in the leading industries, set the priority of the development of enterprises in the energy sector.  Projecting the organizational development of power supplying companies are considered as a complex problem, which has the various technical and organizational components, the implementation of which involves non-trivial approaches and increased costs.  Therefore, to manage these projects is advisable to use a proactive approach and develop the specially adapted models and methods within the proactive management.  In order to ensure decision-

Game model of decision-making in hierarchical systems

Game model of decision-making in hierarchical systems functioning in the conditions of aprioristic uncertainty it is constructed. The adaptive recurrent method and algorithm of stochastic game solving are developed. Computer modelling of stochastic game of decision-making in hierarchical system with structure of a binary tree is executed. Influence of parameters on convergence of a game method is investigated.

The problem of optimality in decision theory and practice

The system aspects of optimality problem within the framework of the structure of decision-making process, connecting it with DM models and tasks, theoretical and practical aspects of optimal solution peculiarity were analyzed. The analysis entropic specification and their impact on the optimal level of practical decisions was made. The DM methods specifications in context of optimal decisions-making were compared, the consumption of partitioning and threshold method, as one of the most flexible for decision-making in different conditions were justified.