development modeling

Venture business development model

The goals of the article are to study the functioning of venture business in Ukraine, as well as the market of electric cars, its state and dynamics. The purpose of the article is to create effective mechanisms for the formation and development of venture structures, as one of the strategic entities of the economy of Ukraine, through investing in the market of electric cars, which are more environmentally friendly compared to cars with an internal combustion engine (ICE), in Ukraine through modeling .

Venture Business Development Modeling

In modern conditions, innovation is one of the most important factors of economic development, and the development of innovation is the main condition for ensuring the competitiveness of the econ- omy. Therefore, modeling the development of venture business is relevant and very important for the development of investment and innovation market and structural adjustment of Ukraine's economy.

Methods of Evaluation of Venture Structures Development

A review of scientific sources, which reveal approaches to assessing the development of venture structures (for example, venture funds), suggests that the problem of assessing the development of both enterprises and venture structures requires further study, and existing developments contain generalized and recommended character, as they explain only certain aspects and components of de- velopment.