Features of organizational and legal provision of information security in the conditions of war with russia

Abstract. The article, based on a theoretical and practical study of the essence and features of the regulation of information and legal relations in the conditions of russian aggression, focuses on the problematic issues of organizational and legal provision of information security as an activity aimed at the prevention, timely detection and termination of threats that destructively affect vital interests of the individual, society and the state in the information sphere.

Legal aspects of fighting disinformation in the european union: lessons for Ukraine

Аnnotation. The article "Legal aspects of combating disinformation in the European Union: lessons for Ukraine" describes and analyzes in detail the problem associated with a large amount of false, manipulative and extremely harmful information that every modern person has to face. Special attention is paid to the legislative regulation of the information sphere, measures aimed at improving information security in the European Union and Ukraine.


The article analyzes the Ukrainian experience of using media mystification in the content of all-Ukrainian TV channels. An actual problem is the use of the genre of hoax in the content of all-Ukrainian TV channels, with the help of which journalists demonstrate fake news or fabricated programs on television as real in the country and abroad. The scientific approaches of scientists to the definition of the concept of "media mystification" are analyzed.

Propaganda, Disinformation, Strategic Communication — How to Improve Cooperation in CEE Region?

A paper deals with possibilities and opportunities for cooperation in Central and Eastern European region in the field of information security with particular emphasis on media influenced by Russia. My point of departure is that the information threats to societal security is external and they have relevant impact on the sustainability, conditions for evolution, of traditional patterns of language, culture and religious and ethnic identity, custom and values.