Legal aspects of fighting disinformation in the european union: lessons for Ukraine

: 155-161

Dmytro Smotrych, Nazar Ivanov "Legal aspects of fighting disinformation in the european union: lessons for Ukraine".

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Аnnotation. The article "Legal aspects of combating disinformation in the European Union: lessons for Ukraine" describes and analyzes in detail the problem associated with a large amount of false, manipulative and extremely harmful information that every modern person has to face. Special attention is paid to the legislative regulation of the information sphere, measures aimed at improving information security in the European Union and Ukraine.

This article defines and characterizes such a phenomenon as disinformation, explains its role in internal and interstate conflicts. The methods of spreading disinformation and the main information tools used by the conflicting parties are highlighted. Outlines the goals and objectives that can theoretically be achieved by someone who spreads and reproduces false or distorted information.

The article provides a thorough analysis of legislative regulation in the field of combating disinformation and fakes, as well as the activities of state bodies of the European Union, Ukrainian state bodies, public and international organizations. The spheres of their activity and influence, their powers, specifics of work, legal status, mutual interaction and performance results are determined.

The article draws attention to a large number of problems related to the information security of states, unions of states, organizations, and individual citizens, and the distribution of a wide variety of information leaks, false information, and falsified facts aimed at changing public opinion, creating conflicts, and starting interethnic enmity in a certain country. , demoralization of the enemy during war, theft, etc.

In general, this article is a useful study aimed primarily at highlighting the main problems and threats that Ukraine and Europe face in the era of hybrid wars and social networks. It can be interesting both to people who work with information and to the general public, because it gives an understanding of the essence of such a phenomenon as disinformation in the modern world and its consequences.

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