дробовий порядок

Research and mathematical modeling of fractional-differential rheological models

Deformation processes in media with fractal structure have been studied. At present, research on the construction of mathematical methods and models of interconnected deformation-relaxation and heatmass transfer processes in environments with a fractal structure is at an early stage. There are a number of unsolved problems, in particular, the problem of correct and physically meaningful setting of initial and boundary conditions for nonlocal mathematical models of nonequilibrium processes in environments with fractal structure remains unsolved.

Robust Stability of Fractional Electromechanical Systems

The engineering methodology for determining robust stability for electromechanical systems (EMS), described by fractional order models, has been developed in this paper. Dynamic EMS described by transfer functions with fractional characteristic polynomial with three terms, have been investigated. The stability of such systems has been analysed by means of applying Riemann complex plane.