drug delivery

Nanotechnologies for Preparation and Application of Metallic Nickel

Nanostructured nickel exhibits substantial surface area per unit volume and adjustable optical, electronic, magnetic, and biological properties, that makes nanofabricated nickel highly attractive as regards to its practical application in different fields of chemistry. Technologies on nickel nanomaterials including their simple preparation and modern application are summarized in this review.

Synthesis and Properties of Phosphorus-Containing Pseudo-Poly(Amino Acid)sof Polyester Type Based on N-Derivatives of Glutaminic Acid

Poly(phosphoeter)s (PPE)s are a class of polymers possessing a high chemical functionality and biodegradability. Novel, glutamic acid based poly(phosphoeter)s were synthesized by the Steglich reaction. The developed synthetic approach allows controlling the composition and the structure of PPEs, and therefore their physical and colloidal properties. The studies on solubilization and cytotoxicity in vitro proved the potential of PPEs for drug delivery applications.