economic mechanism

Economic mechanism efficiency raised funds community organizations to business development

The article substantiates the need for the formation of the economic mechanism more
efficient use of raised funds community organizations to develop business in Ukraine.
Are pointed out problems indicate that use of the capacity of the public and community
organizations in the development of business in Ukraine, namely: low public awareness about
the prestige and benefits of opening their own business; distrust of the public authorities of the
executive power and local self-government; low awareness of entrepreneurs and work

Застосування кластерного аналізу для діагностики дієвості господарського механізму торговельних підприємств

In the article the theoretical principles and the methodological and practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the economic mechanism of operation of commercial enterprises are introduced and grounded. The role and place of the economic mechanism in the economic mechanism of the enterprise is studied. The possibility of using the method of cluster analysis for evidence-based segmentation of commercial enterprises is revealed.