Electric arc furnace

Analysis of the Dynamics of Movement of Electrodes Of the Arc Steel Melting Furnace Under Different Laws of Control

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) are the main electrotechnological units that produce high-alloy, special steels and precision alloys. Its efficiency is determined by the impeccable subsystem of the Electrical Mode control (EM) and regulating coordinates of the subsystem. These subsystems constitute the structure of the hierarchical control system of electric steelmaking modes, which belong to a class of complex interconnected nonlinear stochastic systems with intense parametric and coordinate perturbations and phase-asymmetric loading.

Mathematical Description of the Arc Steel-melting Furnace Electrodes Positioning Control System Dynamics Using State-space Model

The expediency of the mathematical description of the electric arc furnace electrodes positioning control system dynamics using state-space model is substantiated. A block diagram of the electrodes positioning control system was developed and mathematical model in state-space variables was obtained.

Reduction of phase interactions in control processes of “arc steel-making furnace – power supply system” complex electrical technological system

The article offers system engineering solutions for enhancing the single-phase autonomy of the processes of controlling the coordinates of electrical mode (EM) in an electrical mechanical sub-system of moving the electrodes of  an electric arc steel-making furnace by including a cross-link compensator into its structure.