The main goal of the work was the measurement of photovoltaic panels on a family house in the village of Lucka in eastern Slovakia during 4 months. The panels were mounted on the south side of the building at a slope of 26 degrees. The measurement took place every day only during sunshine. Subsequently, the comparison of these actually measured values with the calculated values from the PVGIS software, which also serves to calculate photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels were measured in the months of April, May, June, July in 2021.

The principle of creating a "smart" electricity meter in electric traction networks with stochastic electromagnetic processes

Voltage and current are sharply variable random (stochastic) processes in traction networks of DC electric transport systems. As a result, electronic and hybrid electricity meters used in electric systems measure electric power with a large relative error that significantly exceeds that of their accuracy class. In this paper the principle of developing smart meters for accounting the electricity transmitted from traction substations to electric rolling stock through a traction network is proposed.

Accounting and analytical aspects of the fuel component of value creation in the ukrainian energy system

The influence of the fuel component of the process of value creation in the energy system
of Ukraine through identifying relevant factors were considered. It should be taken into
account in the system of accounting and analytical maintenance of power plants.
Studying accounting and analytical aspects of the fuel component of the cost of
electricity of the Ukrainian grid the relationship between fuel component and the capital
intensity of individual power plants were analyzed. Highlight kinds of settings that best