English language

Faustus in English Literature: Myth or Symbol?

The article deals with the correlation between the notions of symbol and myth. The main attention is paid to the interpretation of symbol and myth by various philisophers and linguists, which allows to reveal substantial features of these terms. The explications and implications of Faustus as a myth and symbol in the source text by Ch. Marlowe and in other works of English Faustiana have been revealed. The interrelation of the terms “symbol” and “myth” in the English literature works of the late 16th – early 21st centuries has been discovered.

Typical syntactic constructions of European standards and their translation into Ukrainian

The article develops the previous author’s studies of syntactic constructions in special texts. Based on definitions in the latest International Standard ISO 5127:2017, peculiarities of language for special purposes in comparison with language for general purposes and the related distinction of criteria applied for assessing linguistic phenomena are shown. Ukrainian equivalents of the typical syntactic constructions expressing requirement, prohibition, recommendation, permission, possibility and capability in English- and German-language standards are proposed.

Development of DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms” new edition

The article deals with new version of the national standard DSTU ISO 860 “Terminology work. Harmonization of terms and concepts”. The changes of ISO 860 standard and the problems, which have arisen during its translation in Ukrainian, are analyzed.