financial support

Internally displaced persons as a special object of social protection in Ukraine

The article is devoted to the study of certain issues related to the social protection of internally displaced persons in Ukraine through the prism of security and economic aspects, which are the main ones for this category of persons. It is emphasized that the issues of migration processes throughout all the years of Ukraine's independence were quite acute for our state.

State regulation of the process of initiating innovative projects under conditions of limited funding

Abstract. This study focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of state regulation in initiating innovative projects under limited funding. The primary emphasis is on examining the mechanisms employed by the government to stimulate innovative activities among enterprises and foster the development of innovative ideas. The analysis encompasses the legal and financial landscape surrounding innovative projects, evaluating the impact of government programs and instruments on their initiation and development.

Principles of financial support for the development of territorial communities in Ukraine

Problem setting. Formation of effective local self-government, which would be in line with the basic principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, is one of the most important and, at the same time, complex issues of Ukraine’s development as a democratic state. It is well known that the key element of local self-government is territorial communities which efficiency influences the development of the country.