“Foucault in the Valley of Death”. Interview with Simeon Wade conducted by Heather Dandes. (Trans. by Pavlo Bartusiak)

For the first time, the interview with Simeon Wade is translated into Ukrainian. This interview is important for understanding the development of Foucault's creative experience. 

Good Life/Good Existence [Belle Vie / Belle Existence] (Introduction to the Ukrainian Translation of the Interview “Foucault in the Valley of Death”).

This is an important interview for understanding Michel Foucault's creative evolution. It was conducted by American scholar Heather Dandes in 2017. It is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. Clermont High School professor Simeon Wade and his friend, musician Michael Stoneman, invited Foucault to take part in a journey to Death Valley in June 1975. The philosopher accepted the proposal. They spent two days and one night in the desert. Foucault described this experience as one of the most important in his life.

Cleavage (Foreword to the Ukrainian translation Michel Foucault’s interview with Jean-Pierre Elkabbach “Foucault Responds to Sartre”)

     Michel Foucault’s interview with Jean-Pierre Elkabbach “Foucault Responds to Sartre” was published in October 1966. The text was translated into Ukrainian for the first time. In this interview, Michel Foucault responded to Jean-Paul Sartre's critical remarks on the book “The Order of Things”, published in April 1966. Here, Foucault diagnosed, in particular, the final end of Sartre’s era.

Modernization of Flux-Gate Magnetometer

Various types of magnetic field sensors, their advantages and disadvantages are considered.

Classic flux-gate magnetometer, the block diagram of which is driven, contains dual- core sensor with counter switching of primary magnetization coil and general output secondary coil for both cores. The disadvantage of this sensor — the complexity of manufacturing and the need for precise balancing of magnetization coil.

The single-core sensor is suggested. It differs from the counterpart by that the magnetizing coil are powered by amplitude modulated alternating current.