genetic algorithms

Neuro-fuzzy Genetic Algorithm of Optimization of Rehabilitation Therapy Plans

Proposed method of optimization of rehabilitation therapy plans using a genetic algorithm. For evaluation of alternatives generated during the optimization process, a fuzzy algorithm with neuro defazification – T-Controller, was used. Developed method tested on samples based on real plans of rehabilitation therapy.

Застосування генетичного алгоритму прямокутного розміщення для гільотинного розкрою

The algorithm for solving location of arbitrary shape blanks based on the theory of genetic algorithms is used for cut problem solving.

Особливості розроблення веб-систем для еволюційних обчислень

The article describes the features of genetic algorithms, as well as a review of program implementation of genetic algorithms. Based on these realizations discusses the features of systems development for evolutionary computation, and describes the features of web-system.

Using genetic algorithms for modelling informational processes

In this article genetic algorithms are considered including their types and practical applications. The scientific works of domestic and foreign researchers have been studied. This article presents methods and examples of solving tasks of data mining for genetic algorithms. The description of main components of models of genetic algorithms is presented. A parallel between biological systems and systems aimed at solving technical problems is drawn.