Sensors in Cyber-physical Systems Based on Android Operating System

The cyber-physical systems take the major part of any system that help users to interact with environment processes.

Cyber-physical systems are intelligent systems, which include networks of physical and computing components that interact on internal level. The basis for the development of various models of cyber-physical systems are the using of measuring instruments and their software. Measuring instruments are necessary to control technological parameters processes and the environment.

Принципи побудови геоінформаційної системи пошуку людей

 In the article the Geographic Information System (GIS) finding people through which a user of this service has the ability to find the person who is next to him on the map and start communication. An embodiment of a geographic information system finding people. Described opportunities instrumental GIS and client-server technology and geographic information systems zapoponovanyy algorithm finding people. The algorithm representation statement using markers, which are located on the map. The analysis GIS software client that can be used launch applications on remote servers or workplace.