globalization processes

Limitation of state sovereignty in the conditions of globalization: theoretical and legal aspect

In the article, the author discusses the current state and use of the concept of state sovereignty in international law. The author analyzes the issue of limiting sovereignty from the standpoint of real and recent examples in international practice. The article also attempts to trace the evolution of ideas about state sovereignty and analyzes various theoretical and legal approaches to the signs of sovereignty.

Impact of globalization processes on the external migration of Ukraine’s population

The problem of labor migration in the conditions of globalization is investigated. The labor migration plays a crucial role in today’s world population migration process. It is noted that the processes of globalization in their content are cultural, social, economic, political “challenges” for Ukraine. The globalization has both a positive and a negative impact on the development of Ukrainian society and the state.

To the question whether state sovereigns lose their mentality

The article presents the theoretical and legal characterization of the sovereignty of modern states,taking into account its types and peculiarities of its development under the influence of some processesthat are reflected in its content. The factors of the loss of sovereignty by the states are also determined.

Aspects of modernization of micro enterprises sector by involving a new methods of management by creation of net structure

The article discusses issues concerning creation of a new method of management of micro enterprises as the answer to growing globalization processes and marginalization of small and micro enterprises in SMEs. The pressure of surrounding environment that affects the activities of SMEs is the main barrier for developing micro enterprises. They do not have enough potential and cannot compete with big enterprises and international enterprises. The present methods of management are created on the experience of big companies that realize the global market goals.