heat supply system

Simulation of Hybrid Solar Collector Operation in Heat Supply System

The paper focuses on the investigation and the simulation of the efficiency of a hybrid solar collector in a heat supply system consisting of two separate units, namely a heat storage tank and a flat solar collector, which are interconnected by pipelines. The study includes the analysis and calculation of the thermal parameters of the system for one day and the determination of the optimal values of the flow rate of the heat carrier in the solar collector and the mass of the heat carrier in the heat storage tank to achieve maximum thermal efficiency of the system.

Use of Water-TiO2 Nanofluid in Horizontal Slinky Collector of Heat Pump

The hydrodynamics of water-TiO2 nanofluid in the Ø32×3 mm horizontal Slinky collector of the heat pump, as well as the heat transfer from river water to the nanofluid have been studied in the paper. Water-TiO2 nanofluid provides attractive opportunities of the application in the energy industry due to its enhanced thermal properties. The thermal and hydrodynamic characteristics of the heat transfer fluid with spherical TiO2 nanoparticles in the temperature range from 2 to 12.5 °C have been analysed.

Prospects for Development of Geothermal Energy in Lviv Region

The data of geological exploration works carried out in Lviv region allow us to speak about the significant energy potential of geothermal waters in this region. At present, six bore-wells have been discovered in which the temperature of geothermal waters reaches 120oC at a depth of more than 3000 m. However, today the energy potential of geothermal waters of Lviv region is not used for both technical and economic reasons.