image matching

Automated generation of a digital model of an object's micro surface from a SEM-stereo pair by area-based image matching

Purpose. The goal of this work was the development and research of a method of automatically constructing a digital model of the micro surface of an object from SEM stereo pair of digital images taking into account the specifics of the survey SEM and evaluating the accuracy of digital modeling. Methods. The developed method consists, firstly, in generating a dense set of input points in the left SEM image of a stereo pair in regions with local features and using an iterative process in accordance with the levels of the image pyramid.

Matching Up of Images Which Formed by Sensors of Different Physical Nature in the Process of Signal Fusion in Multispectral Monitoring Systems

Multispectral monitoring systems are becoming more widely used in which the fusion of information obtained in the form of different spectral images is applied. Direct fusion of such images is impossible in connection with the presence of relative images spatial deformations and in connection with the different sensor resolution that form these images. Before fusion of the images, you must bind them to a single coordinate system.