Matching Up of Images Which Formed by Sensors of Different Physical Nature in the Process of Signal Fusion in Multispectral Monitoring Systems

: pp. 73 - 80
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Multispectral monitoring systems are becoming more widely used in which the fusion of information obtained in the form of different spectral images is applied. Direct fusion of such images is impossible in connection with the presence of relative images spatial deformations and in connection with the different sensor resolution that form these images. Before fusion of the images, you must bind them to a single coordinate system.

The development of a method that, in contrast to the classical one, allows matching of images formed by sensors of different physical nature in the context of their integration in multispectral monitoring systems is conducted. Reasonably experimentally that for matching of the different spectral images is impractical to use the classic methods used in matching of monospectral images, in particular, least squares method and the normalized correlation coefficient, as appropriate to use methods invariant to brightness conversion. This is the method that uses the maximum of the function of mutual information between images as a criterion for the similarity of the images.

The simulation results show that the method based on the mutual information function gives better results of the different spectral images matching than the other considered methods. The position of the maximum of the mutual information function indicates the optimal displacement between the images despite the different intensity distribution on the images from the thermal imaging camera and the television camera, even with poor visibility in one of the channels.

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