імпедансна спектроскопія

Quantum accumulation of electrical energy at interfacial boundaries in heterophase inorganic / organic clathrates

The work is devoted to the current problem of finding new ways and mechanisms of high-density electric energy accumulation. As a result of the conducted researches the system which allows to accumulate an electric charge at the expense of quantum effects and the phenomena without use of chemical reactions is offered. The basic idea was to form a material with a colossal area of the inner active surface with a sharply anisotropic chemical bonding character.


The technique of characteristics of thermoelectric energy converters based on the study of the frequency dependence of their impedance is presented. Specialized hardware and software for impedance spectroscopy of thermoelectric modules have been developed. For the analysis of the obtained spectra, an electrothermal model was taken as a basis, which describes the experimental results well and allows one to obtain not only electrical but also thermal characteristics of a thermoelectric energy converter.

Influence of quantifying incorporates on aluminum alloy corrosion by using model examples

The object of research is model samples of electrochemically heterogeneous aluminium alloys with copper cathode inclusions of various sizes.

The purpose of the work is to study the influence of the size of cathode inclusions on aluminum alloy corrosion.

SPICE Model of Quadrature Synchronous Detectors for Impedance Measuring Transducer

The task of impedance measurement transducers’ SPICE simulation is presented. Wide range of impedance spectroscopy microelectronic sensors, namely, for Internet of things, are based on such measurement transducers. One of the attractive aspect of impedance spectroscopy as a tool for investigating is the direct connection that often exists between the behavior of a real system and that of an idealized model circuit consisting of discrete electrical components. The paper describes the approach to Nyquist impedance plot calculation using SPICE models based on quadrature synchronous detectors.