Is a Dialogue between Philosophy and the Educational Technologies Possible? (Based on the Results of Webinars by Experts of the “SoftServe” Company, 2022)

      Based on analysis of the Tech Summer for Teachers Bootcamp webinars for the educational community organized by the IT Company SoftServe, attention is focused on their interdisciplinary approach, in particular in the teaching of philosophical disciplines. Special attention was paid to the anthropological component in the field of information technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and virtual communication.

Mathematical modeling of thermoelastic state in a tree-component piecewise-homogeneous plate containing a crack

 Purpose. A two-dimensional mathematical model of the problem of thermoelasticity for three-component plate containing a crack has been built. The stress intensity coefficients in the vertices of the crack increase affecting strength of the body significantly. This leads to the growth of a crack and, as a result, to further local destruction of a material. Therefore, such a model reflects, to some extent, the destruction mechanism of the elements of engineering structures with cracks.

Mathematical modeling of stationary thermoelastic state in a half plane containing an inclusion and a crack due to local heating by a heat flux

The two-dimensional stationary problems of heat conduction and  thermoelasticity for a semi-infinite elastic body containing an inclusion and a crack  are  considered.  For this purpose, mathematical models of these  two-dimensional problems in the form of a system of singular integral equations (SIEs) of the first and the second kinds are constructed.  The numerical solution of the system of integral equations in the case of a half plane  containing an inclusion and thermally insulated crack due to local heating by a heat flux is obtained using the method of mechanical quadratures.  We pre

Identification of the Defect in the Elastic Layer by Sounding of the Normal Sh-Wave

The Fourier integral transform has been used to reduce the diffraction problem of the normal SH-wave on a semi- infinite rigid inclusion in the elastic layer to the Wiener-Hopf equation. Its solution is obtained by the factorization method. The analytical expressions of the diffracted displacement fields have been represented in any region of interest. The dependences of the scattered field on the parameters of the structure have