Inacceptability of influence by prosecutors and lawyers on the activities of judges

  Abstract. Prosecutors and lawyers, whose work involves ensuring the application of the law and, at the same time, diligently respecting court decisions, the enforcement of which is often their duty, must protect the right to appeal during their execution. It is clear that the reverse is also true: judges must respect prosecutors as representatives of these professional bodies and not interfere with the performance of their duties.

The role of the elite in the formation of the language factor as one of the key bases of state construction

The article examines the modern scientific views on the key role of the elite in the formation of the linguistic factor, as one of the important foundations of state development, and on this basis the basic practical principles on the improved development of the state language taking into account the current socio-economic situation.

Theoretical principles of interaction of the elite and the civil society

The article deals with the general functions of national elites, the basics of interaction between the ruling, elite represented by the ruling elite and civil society institutions, specific features of political elites in Ukraine.Based on the author’s views, it is concluded that today there is no rational balancing of socio-political interests and no perception of politics as such, which is why the basic theoretical principles of interaction between the authorities and society are offered.

The role of the elites in the construction of modern states and the basictheoretical basis for the improvement of the process of their activity

The article explores scientific approaches to the treatment of the “elite”, identifies the keyfeatures of the activities of modern elites, identifies their main role in the context of modern processes ofstate development, and indicates the importance of their influence on the formation of the modern state.In view of this, the proposes the basic theoretical principles on the process of improving their activitiesin order to improve the process of building a modern state in the context of modern processes of statedevelopment.

Economic instruments of influence on activity of enterprises: etymologic, semantic and typology aspects

In the article interpretation of category is considered "economic instrument" in encyclopedic,
explanatory and scientific literature, on the basis of what her essence is specified in the context of
instruments of economic character, that provide the change of parameters of enterprise functioning.
The characteristic signs of economic instruments, that is related to their effectiveness, providing of
changes, are distinguished, motivation or by retentive character. On the basis of literary sources