The role of the elite in the formation of the language factor as one of the key bases of state construction

: 62-65

Kelman M., Kristinyak M. "The role of the elite in the formation of the language factor as one of the key bases of state construction"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Educational and Scientific Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education Lviv Polytechnic National University Senior Laboratory Assistant, Department of Administrative and Information Law

The article examines the modern scientific views on the key role of the elite in the formation of the linguistic factor, as one of the important foundations of state development, and on this basis the basic practical principles on the improved development of the state language taking into account the current socio-economic situation. On this basis, it is determined that numerous actions of the elite directly affect the preservation and security of the language, in addition, it is determined that the consolidation of the linguistic status of the new Ukrainian state, on the basis of changing the status of the state, at the same time, and its state symbols, has already led to the self-Ukrainianization of the former Soviet elite. in the territory of the new Ukrainian state, therefore, if the issue of the statute was already resolved, then the question of preserving the language, namely the question of distinguishing it from the Russian language, remained important, because the Ukrainian language positioned itself as a a new tool for creating a new political identity. This identity was justified by gaining independence. Thus, it has been proved that the role of the political elite in the formation of the language factor is a priority, because it is the political elite that actively drafts and implements laws on the preservation and functioning of the state language, which in the future depends on its active development or complete decline. In this regard, it is determined that, in our view, given the current negative effects of socio-economic policies over the past years, the issue of language preservation is a key issue for the development of the Ukrainian language, which requires the introduction of appropriate practical steps to improve the promotion and development of the state language in Ukraine. On this basis, the basic theoretical principles for improving the promotion of the state language development process at the macro level have been proposed. The proposed theoretical foundations aim to form an intellectual young elite capable of activating national-patriotic principles of language preservation and developing strategies for the development of the national language, which further contributes to the active formation of national consciousness in order to preserve the state language in a dignified manner.

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