information protection

Establishment of the ukrainian national instituteof information security:institutional aspect of information security policy of national state formations of 1917–1921

The institutional aspect of the information protection policy of Ukrainian national state
formations of the revolutionary wave of 1917–1921 is researched. The opinion on the general insufficient
attention of national Ukrainian state formations regarding the development of institutions aimed at
ensuring their information security is expressed. It is emphasized that the underestimation of the factor
of information security not only negatively affected the process of state building, but also to some extent

Assessing Protection Means of Information Resources

The paper considers specifics of information resources protection in corporate networks and systems. An approach to assessing protection means is described which allows to reduce their deployment cost and adapts easily to specific needs of any organization with an allowance for specifics of its activities and business. Such an approach makes it possible to describe information resources more precisely through their characteristic vulnerabilities and resources cost. It also helps to rank the risks and information resources according to their criticality for organization activities.