Institute of Family Mediation

Family mediation as a mode of dispute resolution in family legal relations

The article analyzes the place of the institution of family mediation in the settlement of family legal relations in general, and family disputes in particular, substantiates the importance and effectiveness of introducing this institution into the legal system of Ukraine as an alternative to the court.

Mediation as an alternative way of resolving family disputes

The article examines and analyzes family conflicts and the importance of mediation as an alternative way to resolve them. The nature of family conflicts, the peculiarities of family relations and the importance of a constructive resolution of this type of conflict are considered. It was determined that family mediation allows to take into account the high emotionality of family conflicts and is therefore very effective in confusing life situations.

Foreign experience of family mediation and its possibility of implementation in Ukraine

Taking into account that our country is rapidly integrating into the European space, the article analyzes the international experience of legal regulation of the institution of mediation and the possibility of its implementation in Ukraine. In particular, the international experience in matters of dispute settlement, which is carried out with the help of mediation procedures, bodies responsible for mediation in the USA, Austria, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Australia and other countries, is disclosed.