interval analysis

Control of mathematical modeling process of dynamics of harmful substances concentrations on the basis of ontological approach

The problem of building a mathematical model of the dynamics of nitrogen dioxide concentrations at different parts of the city is considered in the paper. The peculiarities of the construction of such models on the basis of periodic measurement of concentrations of harmful substances and identification on the basis of the measurements obtained are considered.

Estimation method for a set of solutions to interval system of linear algebraic equations with optimized “saturated block” selection procedure

The paper substantiates the necessity of applying a new method for the formation of a set of basic equations in the problem of localizing solutions to an interval system of linear algebraic equations (ISLAE) on the basis of a “saturated block”. The method is based on  solving the problem of optimization. Th e minimization of the maximal prediction error by using interval models the parameters of which belong to the localization area of ISLAE solutions is  chosen as a criterion.