investigative (search) actions

Conducting a search during the investigation of illegal traffic of poisonous or strong medicinal products

The article examines the illegal handling of poisonous or potent drugs, which poses a danger to the health of the population, since the uncontrolled circulation of such items threatens an indefinite circle of participants in social relations. The article defines the tactical tasks of the investigation of criminal offenses and the algorithm for conducting such investigative (search) action as a search.

Investigative (search) actions: concept, meaning and types

In this article, I have characterized the system and features of investigative (search) actions, as well as the general requirements for their conduct. It was found that investigative (search) actions are the main means of proof, namely, a tool of cognitive activity for the investigation of criminal offenses.

In particular, it was established that the new Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine (CPC) significantly modernized the procedure for carrying out criminal proceedings, introducing a number of new institutions.

Protection of private interests during criminal proceedings: comparative narratives

The article is devoted to the expediency of using foreign legislative experience on the mechanism of protection of personal and family life of a person during criminal proceedings.

Everyone is entitled to the protection of the right to liberty and security of a person, inviolability of private ownership, housing or other property, secrecy of communications, non-interference with privacy, etc.