Superhigh Adsorption of Cadmium(II) Ions onto Surface Modified Nano Zerovalent Iron Composite (CNS-nZVI): Characterization, Adsorption Kinetics and Isotherm Studies

The efficiency of surface modified nanoscale zerovalent iron (nZVI) composite by cashew nut shell (CNS) was tested for the removal of cadmium ions from the aqueous solutions. 2 g/l CNS-nZVI was efficient for 98% removal. The adsorption capacity was 35.58 mg/g. The Freundlich isotherm (R2 = 0.9769) and the pseudo-second order adsorption kinetics data fitted well. This proved CNS-nZVI has a high removal efficiency for Cd(II) from aqueous solutions.

Sustainable Adsorption Removal of Nickel and Chromium on Eco-Friendly Industrial Waste: Equilibrium Study

Adsorption of nickel and chromium was investigated using fuller’s earth. The experimental data were analyzed using five 2-parameter adsorption models and three 3-parameter models. The maximum adsorption capacities for nickel and chromium were 769 and 556 mg/g, respectively. The Langmuir isotherm model was found to have the best fitting indicating monolayer adsorption. The adsorption was found to have an exothermic nature.

Kinetics and Isotherm Studies on Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium Using Activated Carbon from Water Hyacinth

The present study is focused on the use of activated carbon derived from water hyacinth (WH-AC) as adsorbent for the removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution. The optimized WH-AC was found to be mesoporous and considered as granular. The surface area of 11.564 m2/g was found to have a good adsorption capacity. The adsorption data of the optimized WH-AC followed a pseudo-second order kinetics and the Freundlich isotherm model.


The adsorption method of after-treatment of wastewater from the production of vegetable oils was investigated. The reasons of choice the activated carbon as adsorbent was justified. The statics and the kinetics of the adsorption process by activated carbon the organic component from the wastewater of oil production after extraction cleaning was investigated. The experimental data based on the theory of Freundlich and Langmuir were processed and the main constants of the process were defined.