Метод формування контенту в системах електронної контент-комерції

Запропоновано метод формування контенту як етап життєвого циклу контенту в системах електронної комерції. Метод реалізує процеси опрацювання інформаційних ресурсів у системах електронної контент-комерції та спрощує технологію автоматизації формування комерційного контенту. Проаналізовано основні проблеми електронної контент-комерції та функціональних сервісів формування комерційного контенту. Запропонований метод дає можливість створити засоби опрацювання інформаційних ресурсів та реалізувати модуль формування контенту.

Principles of creation of visual editor of XML and JSON formats

This article considers the peculiarities of the perception of large amounts of textual information, and analyzes the needs for visual editing. The implementation of a software product that works with XML and JSON formats and provides graphical and color highlighting of the main elements of the syntax.

Застосування контент-аналізу текстової інформації в системах електронної комерції

Запропоновано застосовувати метод контент-аналізу текстової інформації в системах електронної комерції для автоматизації електронного бізнесу і підтримки прийняття рішень відповідною особою. Проаналізовано основні проблеми електронної  комерції та функціональних сервісів керування контентом. Запропоновано методи вирішення цих проблем.

Content Integration Andmanagement Method of Information Resources Network of the City According to the End-user Needs

The paper of the method of integrated processing of heterogeneous information resources Web-systems for their integration and the subsequent management is described. A new approach to application and implementation of business processes for the construction of these Web-systems is formulated. The methods and software tools of content and information resource processing as the content life cycle stage inWeb-systems are developed.

Особливості формування електронних дайджестів

In the given article the main problems of functional services of electronic digest
formation are analyzed. The method of electronic digest formation as the textual content life
cycle stage is proposed in the given article. The method of textual content processing describes
the information resources formation and rubricating processes and simplifies the textual
content management. In the given article the main problems of functional services of textual
content processing are analyzed. The proposed method gives an opportunity to create means of

Особливості контент-аналізу користувацької інтернет-діяльності для формування зрізу психологічного стану особистості

 A system for the analysis of the psychological and emotional state of the individual is developed. The aim is to assess the individual through social networks and the practical recommendations. The analysis of assessment data, the problems of this area and the relevance of the system were studied. The diagrams are developed that describe the structure and logic of the system. Description of system requirements according to RUP methodology was done and a prototype application that simulates the activity of individual analysis system was created.

Метод контент-аналізу текстової інформації інтернет-газети

Were made a review of the concept of analysis, types of analysis, classification of analysis, methods of its implementation and made a review of modern system of analysis of content. To analyze site content were used the following methods: analysis of the visitor content, analysis of the required amount of content, graphical analysis of content. Were analyzed the methods and design tools. Used methods and technologies of charts that display logical and physical model of the system. Determined the interaction of objects in the system that are ordered by time of their execution.

The linguistic analysis method for a Ukrainian commercial content

The scientific and practical problem of automatic detection of meaningful keywords and Ukrainian content categorization in Internet systems on the basis of linguistic analysis of text information is unleashed. The article presents a theoretical and experimental substantiation of linguistic analysis methods for Ukrainian content using Porter stemming.

Application of Internet Marketing Methods for Web-resources Analyzing Within the Region

This article presents the content analysis techniques for online newspapers. The model describes the processing of information resources in content analysis and simplifies automation technology of content management. In this paper the basic problem of the syntactic and semantic analysis of content and functionality of content management services is analysed. The fast growth of global networking and online content-commerce simplified process of publishing and moderation of articles. As a result Marketing Intellectual System for Online Publishing was proposed.

Modern Technology Management Web-media Resource Service System Analysis Digital Distribution

The analysis technologies and methods of construction of digital distribution, sales analysis of existing systems of electronic content are conducted. Researched digital distribution services and programs that implement the information systems of digital distribution are researched. The algorithm of search products and deep selection for the wishes of the user are developed. The information system of digital distribution using WinForms application is developed.