labour relations

On some features of labor relations during marital state

On February 24, 2022, a new extremely difficult period for our state began. On the same day, the President of Ukraine signed Decree No. 64/2022 «On the introduction of martial law in Ukraine». People's deputies approved this document with 300 votes. This decision was made in connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and based on the proposal of the National Security and Defense Council and Ukrainian legislation.

Information in the field of labor as an instrument of administrative and legal influence of the state on the regulation of labor relations

Abstract. One of main priorities of the Ukrainian state is creation of political, economic, social and legal terms for realization of relations in the field of labour. The legal adjusting of relations in the field of labour has close inter-branch connection, that allows in a considerable measure to regulate sociallabour relations. However, proper and reliable null information remains a problem from the side of organs of public management in relation to employment and employment of population of economically-active age.


The article summarizes the theoretical ideas of scientists about nature of corporate culture. The main stages of its formation at the enterprise are determined. The importance of corporate culture in the enterprises management is substantiated. The influence of corporate culture on the labour activity motivation of the personnel at enterprises is considered.

Labour relations in the context of regulatory policy of Ukrainian national public formations (1917–1921): legislative aspect

We study the legislative aspect of the legal policy of the Ukrainian national state formations of 1917-1921 in the sphere of labour. It is noted that the labour factor of as one of the socio-economic factors in the formation and evolution of Ukrainian legal policy of national governments was controversial and the “labour” policy itself was ineffective.