Граматика мови опису завдань на генерування баз даних

Засобами алгебри секвенційних алгоритмів описано розроблені синтаксис і семантику мови опису завдань на створення бази даних.

By means of sequential algebra algorithms described are designed syntax and semantice describing tasks on a database.

Динаміка зміни тривалостей структурних елементів дифтонгів польської мови у різних темпах вимови

Досліджено на прикладі особливого класу звуків – дифтонгів, характерних для польської мови, тривалостей звукових ділянок дифтонгів окремо для випадків прискорення та сповільнення темпу мовлення та аналіз можливості використання розроблених ФТП для задач сповільнення темпу.

The Ability of Language To Reflect Reality: Reference Theory and Dictionary Theory. (Research Article)

The article deals with the fundamental problem of hermeneutics and the whole study of language as a means of communication - the ability of language to reflect reality.The study begins with an overview of the problem and the authors who dealt with it. This is followed by a detailed review of referential theory as the main and oldest theory in the study of language functions.

Typical Language Mistakes on the Ukrainian TV Channels

Look at today’s television guide and watch some of today’s programs. Identify any examples of the segmentation of programming you encounter. Relate notions of vertical and horizontal programming and segmentation to people’s daily routines and think about how this informs and affects the program choices they make.

Neologisms in Mass Media Language (Using the Examples of Internet Version of Newspaper “Den’”)

The relevance of research on neologisms on the pages of online publications today is determined by the large number and frequency of its use. On the one hand, it is a positive phenomenon that demonstrates integration into European society. On the other hand, overuse of neologisms in the texts of the mass media, without properly explaining their meaning, leads to misunderstanding of the material. Not every reader understands the meaning of neologism used in the text.

Thinking vs. Speaking. On the Margin of Kasimir Twardowski’s Papers (Research Article)

Kasimir Twardowski’s article „On clear and unclear philosophical style” is considered as one of his manifests of the Lviv-Warsaw School: clarity of expressing thoughts was one of methodological determinants of this school. Because of some passages in this article, Twardowski is often considered as a philosopher who believed that we may only think in words. In the article, Twardowski’s views on the relation between language and speech are analyzed through the prism of the less known Twardowski’s writings with application of some theoretical distinctions.

Philosophical-linquistic aspects of internet-communication (Review Article)

The current state and language features of Internet communication are examined. It is found out that in the new communication environment, not only traditional communication is presented, but fundamentally new forms are formed. Hence, such notions as “metalanguage” and “new speech” are emerging. A new style (Internet communication style) is formed, which is characterized by: 1) written pronunciation; 2) hyperintertextuality; 3) fixed spokenness; 4) spontaneity. New forms of communication are growing in popularity and clearly distinguishconvenient communication options.

Welsh nationalism

The article refers to the Welsh, one of nations inhabiting the area of the United Kingdom. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the specificity of Welsh nationalism, which despite strong English domination, allowed this nation to preserve its tradition, culture, language for centuries, and create a rational attempt to maintain their own identity on the British Isles. Analysis of British nationalism shows that the Welsh are most often treated as the “last in line” after Englishmen, Irishmen from North and Scots.