legal acts

Regulatory and legal ensuring optimization of local government bodies competencies

Formulation of the problem. The regulatory and legal principles of the competence of state authorities and local self-government in Ukraine formation have been studied. The contents of the Ukraine key laws regarding local self-government bodies and modern concepts of their activities are disclosed. It was found that there is no unified conceptual vision of the local self-government bodies status, competencies, and responsibilities in Ukraine.

Measures of fighting anti-diploma at the time of knowledge in the field of business

The article deals with the concept and content of counteraction during the investigation
of crimes in the sphere of official activity. The analysis of separate normative-legal acts
concerning overcoming of such counteraction is analyzed. The basic legal and forensic means
of overcoming the counteraction committed by the officials during the investigation of crimes
are determined. Specific tactical techniques used to overcome the counteraction during the
investigation of these crimes are outlined.


The objectives of this article are to determine the essence and structure of the institutional environment, as well as to study its impact on the formation and activities of recreation and tourism in Ukraine.

The article reveals the essence of the institutional environment from different points of view. The formal and informal institutions are defined and their role is highlighted. Considerable attention is paid to the analysis of normative legal acts and state electronic resources of a number of foreign countries.

Organizational and legal aspects of collection, analysis and use of information by bodies of the State fiscal service of Ukraine

In the scientific article the separate organizational and legal aspects of information and analytical activity of the bodies of the State fiscal service of Ukraine are examined, normative preconditions of such activity in tax and customs bodies are determined.

Determination of allowable values of mean square error when calculating the area of land for different types of settlements

The research have touched upon the analysis of normative-legal acts of Ukraine, which regulate precision of coordinates determination of boundaries angles of land parcels in the different types of settlements. Investigated the influence of these normative errors on the legitimate values of standard mean square error of determination of land parcels areas in settlements