Controversial issues of the subjective party of the criminal offense provided for in art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine

Controversial issues of the subjective side of the composition of a criminal offense under Art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine were considered. It is noted that for the characterization of robbery, the subjective side of the commission of this criminal offense is important.

and life and deleuze and literature (Comments to Ukrainian Translation of the Deleuze’s Essay “Literature and Life”)

Gilles Deleuze's “Literature and Life” was published in 1993 in the collection of essays "Critics and Clinique". The essay is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. In the essay, the French philosopher demonstrates his own interpretation of literature and literary process. The text is full of concepts and ideas developed and offered by Deleuze in his previous works: “Proust and Signs”, “Logic of Sense”, “Zola and the Crack-up”, “Anti-Oedipus”, “Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature”, “A Thousand Plateaus”, “and Dialogues”.

Problem human existence: civilization-legal approach

On the basis of civilized approach thoroughly analyzed the question of human existence. The approach to solve the problem of being human integrity enables the enigma of this issue: the question of meaning and value of human existence, uniqueness and essence of human nature and definition of inner peace in it. Vyzna¬cheno relevant aspects of the integrity of the individual, analyzed and clarified the concept of integrity of human existence in the psychological, anthropological and philosophical and legal contexts.

Value of law: anthropological dimension

In the article the social value of law as the determining feature of the legal and social reality. The right is seen not only as a compulsory code of conduct in society, and as a full element of social reality that affects all of the structural system of social processes. In particular, the fundamental methodological problems studied law epistemological limits and possibilities of knowledge of law, the right relationship with the professional culture of lawyer, legal philosophical understanding of reality, unity of values and truth in the law.

The idea of “individuality”: philosophical and legal concept

In the article the essence of the definition of “identity” as a complex multi-faceted and multi-level structure, the meaning of which depends not only on the wealth of natural its premises, but also the depth and breadth of its entry into the mechanism of public relations, as well as the degree of social activity, reflecting sub of the object as individual. The researcher examined the defining idea of “individuality” in the philosophical and legal terms, the proposed methodological concept on the designated problems.

Phenomenon personality in the philosophy of neo-thomism

The article substantiates the relevance of the study of the phenomenon of personality in the philosophy of neo Thomism; individual phenomenon determined by the category of spirituality, identity, autonomy, and self-esteem, initiative, self-improvement, love. It is proved on the basis of philosophical treatises on individual autonomy neo-Thomism created the world, and the nature of society, not a supernatural being – God. The essence of autonomy is, in fact, that “personality turned to God” that “she must surrender to him completely”.

Genesis of personality: fundamental problem being individual

The article analyzes the genesis of personality based on concepts of medieval Western philosophical doctrine. Argued proved that the genesis of personality serves the fundamental problem of being individual. It was found that in the Middle Ages identity is understood as a set of specific qualities that are more or less characterize typical in it and so that each of the properties has independent significance and is not derived from the inner nature of the individual.