local self-government bodies

Administrative services in the functioning structure of local government bodies: some aspects of legal regulation

Abstract. The development of technical capabilities and digitalization of state processes have brought the field of administrative services by local self-government bodies to a new qualitative level of ensuring the implementation of the principles of openness and transparency in the public service.

Feautures of the functioning of local government bodies during the period of marital law in Ukraine

Abstract. The article comprehensively theorizes and analyzes the unique aspects of legal regulations governing the operations of local self-government bodies during Ukraine's period of martial law. It presents specific proposals aimed at enhancing the legislation that oversees this sphere of power and legal relations. The article emphasizes the critical role of local self-government bodies during times of conflict, highlighting their continued significance as a crucial mechanism in upholding the efficient functioning of public authority and the state's defense capabilities.

Peculiarities of administrative decision-making in local government bodies

Formulation of the problem. In modern conditions of decentralization in Ukraine, local authorities receive new rights, powers and responsibilities corresponding the role and functions they are called to perform before the state and the people. Accordingly, the range of management actions they must implement is expanded and updated, which obliges local self-government  bodies  to  pay  special  attention  to  the  adoption  of  high-quality  and effective decisions within their competence.

Municipal administrative services as a specific activity of local self-government bodies

This article examines theoretical elaborations of the concepts “service”, “public service”, “municipality”, “municipal service” and “administrative service”. The article identifies features of administrative services and peculiarities of their provision by local self-government bodies. The concept “municipal administrative service” is defined.