Administrative services in the functioning structure of local government bodies: some aspects of legal regulation

Olesia REMENIAK, Petro OLISHCHUK "Administrative services in the functioning structure of local government bodies: some aspects of legal regulation".

National Forestry University of Ukraine
Lviv National University of Nature Management

Abstract. The development of technical capabilities and digitalization of state processes have brought the field of administrative services by local self-government bodies to a new qualitative level of ensuring the implementation of the principles of openness and transparency in the public service. However, currently gaps in the legal framework in the field of provision of administrative services by local self-government bodies create gaps in the process of identifying administrative services by characteristics and unifying them by types, which creates difficulties in the activities of local self-government bodies and state power in general.

Administrative, economic and political changes taking place in our country today bring a lot of new things to the activities of local self-government bodies. This requires improvement of administrative processes in the state and local self-government bodies. Thus, the state must provide quality services taking into account the needs of the population and the development of society as a whole. In other words, proper conditions should be created aimed at the full realization by citizens of their rights and freedoms. In this context, the provision of administrative services by local self-government bodies is of particular importance.

One of the most promising steps in improving the exercise of powers by local self-government bodies is the implementation of the doctrine of public services in general and administrative services in particular. Recognizing a person, his life and health, honor and dignity as the highest social value requires a rethinking of the role of local self-government bodies and a radical change in relations between the authorities and citizens. Despite the significant number of publications in the outlined field, the problem of providing administrative services by local self-government bodies remains relevant and requires the search for ways to qualitatively implement the performance of their functions by the said bodies.

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