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The Role of Education in Overcoming the Negative Information Impacts Under the Post-True Era (Review Article)

The peculiarities of the post-truth interpretation, its key political manifestations and its impact on modern global society have been analyzed. It is asserted about the importance of education in combating the negative effects of post-truth political practice.

Features of Recognition of Information Warriors (Bots, Trolls and Houses) in Social Networks

In social networks, information warfare is in full swing. Today, in many countries, there are information troops that aim to destroy and eliminate the enemy, change the mindset of the opponents and society in the information space. A significant field of their battle is social networks. After all, it is in social networks that every day there are millions of people around the world where they communicate, share experiences, share news, discuss relevant topics, discuss and draw valuable information for themselves, which is why the activity of informational warriors is aiming at them.