Behind the Scenes of the Mind: an Attempt to Conceptualize the Types of Philosophizing Subjects (Research Article)

The article examines the metaphilosophical issue of the philosophizing subjects. The transcendental argument addresses the inquiry into what enables the variety of existing philosophizing practices. A conceptual model of philosophizing subjects is developed using the reconstructed Kantian model of the mind. Following this model, the article discusses marginal and mainstream types. The former comprises epigones and skeptics, while the latter encompasses dogmatic metaphysicians, scientific rationalists, relativists, and critical rationalists.

The philosophy of Klym Hankevych (to the 180th anniversary from the day of birth)

The article collects not numerous studies on the Ukrainian «philosopher», according to F. Nietzsche, as a comprehensively talented teacher with extraordinary philosophical, philological heritage and ethnographic knowledge, which in the creative heritage a wide worldview vision of life. At the heart of the article - in addition to the intelligence of D. Chizhevsky, the only modern work is a sufficiently reasoned article of the philosopher I. Lysy about K. Hankevich.

Symposium "Kazimierz Twardowski's philosophy: history and contemporary interpretations (the 150th Anniversary of Birth)

On 7 November 2016, Lviv hosted an unusual philosophical event: Symposium “Kazimierz Twardowski’s Philosophy: History and Contemporary Interpretations”. The reason for this was the fact that 2016 is a year of the 150th Anniversary of the philosopher’s birth. This Symposium was organized by Lviv Philosophical Society named after Kazimierz Twardowski and supported by the Institute of Philosophy, the University of Warsaw. A lot of scholars, mainly from Poland and Ukraine, has taken part in this Symposium.