Application of synergetic concepts in the study of migration in philosophic-legal context

This article deals with the explanation of the meaning of such notions as “synergetic effect” and “synergy” and the need for application of synergetic concepts in the study of migration. Determination of the need for a new complex of the methods and views on the system of migration: it has to be studied as an integral unity formed by the structural order of its component elements to achieve the synergetic effect. The article states, that the ideas of synergy deserve special attention when defining the system of migration.


The results of analytical researches of migration processes and turbulent diffusion of exhaust  aerosols, produced by traffic flows within reserve technical lanes of highways are given. It is concluded that rotors, determined as some areas of the rotary motion of an aerosol, are always formed within the diffusion divergence field of turbulent flows of exhaust aerosol.

Problems and Challenges of the US Social Policy in the Context of Migration Crisis

Problems and challenges of EU social policy in the context of migration crisis are considered in the article. An attitude of individual member states to the migration crisis in Europe is researched. It has been determined that nowadays EU social policy remains a vulnerable area that requires a comprehensive unified approach and appropriate support to all its member states.

Modern Approaches to the Solving Migration Problems: the Architectural Component of the Migrant's Socialization

The purpose of the article is to identify and reveal the relationship between the architectural type of housing/resettlement for migrants and the integration of such a category of persons into the structure of the native population of the receiving state.

Peculiarities of functioning and challenges of the EU development in the short term perspective (2017–2018)

The authors consider the newest internal and external threats to the EU in the nearest future (2017-2018) which are determined by global, regional and local trends of world development and changes of political, economic and security priorities of the EU within the context of signing the Rome Declaration in 2017. It is asserted that the economic risks and strengthening of Euroscepticism are considered as traditional for the functioning of the EU.

Процес міграції та адсорбції мінеральних добрив у ґрунті

The  influence  of  the  adsorption  process  of mineral  fertilizers  on  the  penetration  and retention  in  the  pores  of  the  soil  environment  of  various  components  of  fertilizers  was investigated. Experimental  researches  both  of  adsorption  properties  of  the  soil  environment and migration process of components of fertilizers in vertical soil profile were done.