мінеральні добрива

Процес міграції та адсорбції мінеральних добрив у ґрунті

The  influence  of  the  adsorption  process  of mineral  fertilizers  on  the  penetration  and retention  in  the  pores  of  the  soil  environment  of  various  components  of  fertilizers  was investigated. Experimental  researches  both  of  adsorption  properties  of  the  soil  environment and migration process of components of fertilizers in vertical soil profile were done.  

Pollution of soil environment with mineral fertilizers and ways of their migration deep into the soil

One of the major problems of pollution of soil environment, namely by components of mineral fertilizers due to their massive and continuous use in agriculture was analysed in the article. Possible ways of penetration of not absorbed mineral fertilizers deep into the soil as the main reason for getting fertilizers in the lower layers of the soil environment were investigated. A comparison of the impact of soil and climatic conditions on the rate of penetration of fertilizers deep into the soil was done.