монооксид карбону

Composition and Activity of Copper-Palladium Catalyst on Carbon Fiber Material for Air Purification from Carbon Monoxide

A set of research methods ($X$-ray phase, desorption, kinetic) was used to determine the state of the basic components ${K}_{2}{Pd}{Cl}_{4}$ and $Cu(NO_3)_2$ in the catalyst for the oxidation of carbon monoxide by oxygen. It was found that the palladium (II) and copper (II) initial compounds under the action of carbon fiber carrier change their state. Palladium is reduced to $X$-ray amorphous $Pd^0$, and copper (II) is in the form of a crystalline phase ${Cu}_2(OH)_3Cl$.

Determination of the Conditions for Carbon Materials Oxidation with Carbon Monoxide Formation at High Temperatures

In this paper, the influence of carbon material type, temperature and oxygen concentration in gas mixture on the processes of carbon monoxide formation in production of the electrodes by graphitization was explored experimentally. Specific quantity of gas formed for a definite time, reduced to mass unit of carbon loading using pitch, packing materials and charge mixture of industrial use, was calculated. It is demonstrated that pitch provides the highest rate of carbon oxidation with the release of CO and substantially exceeds packing materials and charge mixture for this index.

Production of Iron, Titanium Dioxide Modofocations and Titanium

Conditions for the reduction of titanium-magnetite concentrates (main components are Fe 52–54 % and TiO2 5–7 %) by natural gas for obtaining iron powder and titanium fraction were studied. Based on the theory of granulation in the drum apparatus, granules with 25 % of soda fluxing additive with optimum diameter, humidity, strength and porosity were obtained. It was found that the reduction reactions in the temperature range of 1143–1198 K are carried out if a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is added to the natural gas in amount of 15 vol %.

Influence of the ignition system parameters on the ecological indicators of the automobile gas-fueled engine

The structure of the automobile service, since the beginning of the independence of Ukraine, has changed acutely. The number of private vehicles, the quality of service of which depends on the owner only, has increased.

Application of CFD for interior flow analysis influenced by exterior conditions

The aim of the paper is the presentation of application CFD analisys for interior flows in chimneys and flats in a building. It is a summary of a case study of fatal intoxication by carbon monoxide coming from a gas heater of flowing water at a bathroom. That kind of accidents mostly happens due to problems with ventilation and very popular old construction gas water heaters. Closed, airtight windows are the main causes of the production of carbon monoxide but sometimes wrong construction of the chimney outlets versus the roof shape causes the backdraught of combustion products.