In the article, a mathematical model of the oscillating motion of a vibrating separator is constructed. The methods of nonlinear mechanics and the calculation scheme of the vibration separator with an eccentric and a spring suspension, which is presented in the form of a flat mechanical system with four degrees of freedom, were used for its construction. The amplitude of oscillations of the vibration separator capacities in the vertical plane is greater than the amplitude of its oscillations in the horizontal plane.

Deformation monitoring of location areas of responsible engineering objects

The results of long-term studies of landslide processes in the areas of operation of pumped storage power plant with the help of modern GNSS technologies are considered. The presence of deformation of the earth's surface, both in terms in plane and vertical, is revealed. Displacement of some points is a closed-return trajectory and not exceed a few millimeters. Another part of the points is characterized by the horizontal displacements with the presence of returning movements.

Kant's ideas and their influence on the formation of natural and scientific hypothesis of the space

The author considers evolution and transformation definition of space in Kant’s philosophy. Kant’s conception of space had a big and important influence on natural scientific knowledge. I emphasize that Kant’s conception of space has been changed. In the beginning of his scientific career, Kant was considered space as absolutely and objective. It is almost the same as Isaac Newton’s conception of space. German philosopher does think about absoluteness of space as independent from human perception. The article explains that objective space has itself parameters — move and orderliness.