Nash equilibrium

Image retrieval using Nash equilibrium and Kalai-Smorodinsky solution

In this paper, we propose a new formulation of Nash games for solving a general multi-objectives optimization problems.  The objective of this approach is to split the optimization variables, allowing us to determine numerically the strategies between two players.  The first player minimizes his function cost using the variables of the first table P and the second player, using the second table Q.  The original contribution of this work concerns the construction of the two tables of allocations that lead to a Nash equilibrium on the Pareto front.  The second proposition of this paper is to

Modeling behavioral strategies competitive companies in the market of tourist service

We have considered the peculiarities of mathematical models construction, which describe different strategies of the competitive companies` behavior at the market of tourist services. We have found that at the market of service provision any subject must act in accordance with the established rules of behavior and interaction of participants of this market. We have developed mathematical models of behavioral strategies and interaction between two competing companies when providing one travel service.