national interests

Domestic legal argumentation in defending of the ukrainian national case

The article is devoted to the consideration of the specifics of legal argumentation in defense of the Ukrainian national system.
It is determined that the modern doctrine of legal argumentation arose as a result of generalization and systematization of techniques and methods of controversy, which were common in ancient Greece. Of course, the ability to persuade people, to make argumentative arguments against their opponents, to support their facts, to influence not only the minds but also the feelings and emotions of listeners, has become extremely important.

The structural role of the state in the processes of health care and the provision of the national security system

Within the framework of this article, an analysis of the structural role of the state in health care processes was made, its functional purpose was solved in solving systemic problems concerning the preservation of the labor potential of the nation as a structural condition for the provision of the national security system in a crisis, and the main problems of human development that determine quality health systems, both at the global and national levels, and identifies the relevant sections of the exacerbation of the social security of citizens that narrow the space of the national ezpeky