Domestic legal argumentation in defending of the ukrainian national case

Chornobai O.
"Domestic legal argumentation in defending of the ukrainian national case"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article is devoted to the consideration of the specifics of legal argumentation in defense of the Ukrainian national system.
It is determined that the modern doctrine of legal argumentation arose as a result of generalization and systematization of techniques and methods of controversy, which were common in ancient Greece. Of course, the ability to persuade people, to make argumentative arguments against their opponents, to support their facts, to influence not only the minds but also the feelings and emotions of listeners, has become extremely important.
It is proved that modern scientists consider argumentation to be one of the youngest branches of scientific knowledge. From the middle of the twentieth century to the present day, it is developing rapidly, acquiring a qualitatively new look, significantly changing its style, replenishing the arsenal of methods, developing various links with a number of related sciences. The stages of origin of legal argumentation and its main methods are determined.
It is established that in modern legal discourse the theory of legal argumentation is developing quite intensively. This is evidenced by numerous articles, dissertations and special papers on various aspects of legal argumentation. This interest is not accidental. The process of argumentation, substantiation and proof is key to all legal practice.
It is proved that in Ukraine, despite the whole period of state independence, the process of nation-building continues. The events of the last two years have increased interest in this phenomenon in both theoretical and political-applied aspects. The work of representatives of political and sociological sciences, whose names are associated with the methodological turn in the study of nations and nationalism, have a significant impact on the content of discussions in the historical professional environment. Despite the positive developments in this field in Russian historical science, traditional problems remain. Modern researchers have repeatedly noted in their scientific publications that ethnocentrism is one of the main features of the Ukrainian national canon. The “Ukrainian” nation has long been the main object of study. Others, as a rule, if not completely ignored, were presented minimally, as a historical background.

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Domestic legal argumentation in defending of the ukrainian national case
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