Features of electronic business development under conditions of digital economy formation

Modern trends of globalization and the development of the world economy convincingly testify the need to rethink the ways and models of doing business under the influence of IT systems and technologies. This opens new prospects for business. The Internet has become a modern space for conducting business, which significantly expands the possibilities of displaying the real economy in the virtual global world. The consequence of the above-mentioned processes is the development of such an economic and legal phenomenon as electronic business.

The Online Platform „eSchool“

The internet is a global network that is used in any industry.

Large corporations have long used the electronic way of doing business. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more government and commercial structures are switching to online and, therefore, using the electronic circulation of documents and other important things for them. Educational institutions were the most unprepared for such changes, and therefore, they faced an acute question of how to transfer everything online.