Institutionalization of parliamentary opposition rights in Central and Eastern European countries

The subject of our article is not the political opposition in general, which is often heterogeneous in ideological beliefs and means and methods of gaining power. Still, as a legal, political force that is constructive towards the government, the parliamentary opposition pursues its program goals according to established procedure. This article uses the experience of legal regulation and functioning of the parliamentary opposition in Central and Eastern European countries like Czechia, Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine.

Principles of interaction of state government and opposition in Ukraine: the constitutional-legal aspect

The article analyzes the principles of interaction between state power and opposition, focuses on the content and nature of each. The authors’ proposals on their legislative fixing and regulatory regulation of mechanisms for their implementation are provided. It is noted that the legal and factual conditions for the peaceful coexistence of state power and opposition are the benchmark for assessing the democratic maturity of any political system.

Problems of legal regulation of interaction of public authorities and opposition in modern Ukraine

The article analyzes problems of legal regulation of interaction between state power andopposition. The attention is drawn to the potential constitutional and legislative forms ofinteraction between the government and the opposition. The authors’ suggestion sonsolvingproblems of interaction of state power and oppositioninUkraine are presented

Prerequisites of reference of counteraction of economy to tenization to subject to administrative and legal regulation (conceptual measurement)

In the article an analysis of the prerequisites for the counteraction of the shadow economy to the object of administrative and legal regulation based on the conceptual approaches of the relation of law and economy is conducted. It is emphasized on the special role of administrative-legal regulation of economic relations. Separately highlighted the main directions of content of administrative and legal counteraction to the shadowing of the economy.

The criminal procedure component of the state policy in the field of combating crimes in Ukraine

A place and role of criminal judicial politics are found out in the article, as component politics of the state in industry of counteraction to the crimes. Facilities of realization of criminal judicial politics are set. Defined the tasks of criminal procedure policy to effectively achieve the purpose of punishment. The prospects of development of criminal judicial politics of Ukraine are outlined in direction of implementation of international legal obligations.