parallel sorting

Simplified Parallel Sorting Discrete-Time Neural Network Model

A model of parallel sorting neural network of discrete-time has been proposed. The model is described by system of difference equations and by step functions. The model is based on simplified neural circuit of discrete-time that identifies maximal/minimal values of input data and is described by difference equation and by step functions. A bound from above on a number of iterations required for reaching convergence of search process to steady state is determined. The model does not need a knowledge of change range of input data.

A Model of Parallel Sorting Neural Network of Discrete-time

A model of parallel sorting neural network of discrete-time is presented. The model is described by a system of differential equations and by step functions. The network has high speed, any finite resolution of input data and it can process unknown input data of finite values located in arbitrary finite range. The network is characterized by moderate computational complexity and complexity of hardware implementation. The results of computer simulation illustrating the efficiency of the network are provided.

Internet Information Retrieval, Parallel Sorting, and Rank-Order Filtering Based on Dynamical Neural Circuits of Maximal Value Signal Identification Among Discrete-Time Signals

The design of mathematical models and corresponding functional block-diagrams of discrete-time neural networks for Internet information retrieval, parallel sorting, and rankorder filtering is proposed. The networks are based on the discrete-time dynamical K-winnerstake-all (KWTA) neural circuits which can identify the K largest from N input signals, where 1£ < K N is a positive integer. Implementation prospects of the networks in an up-to date digital hardware are outlined.