It is stated in the publication that in modern periodicals photos more and more often do not only play role of visual accompaniment of informative, analytical or journalistic text, but they are also independent elements of advertisement business. Advertisement photos become important visual marks to attract attention of consumers of different types of goods and services. Such approach increases requirements to quality of illustrative materials in modern periodicals, because quantity of financial benefit from advertiser and welfare of periodicals editorial office depends on it.

The Role of Periodicals for Development of Ukrainian-Polish Relations in Prykarpattia (Review Article)

In Ukraine, media of national minorities support the principles of civil society, tolerance and social stability. Therefore, the analysis of activity of media of national minorities, especially Polish minority in Prykarpattia, is the task of this article.  A key method of the research is the comparative critical analysis of the activities of public organizations and private media of Polish minority in the Pre-Carpathian region.


More than 70 kinds of children’s magazines and newspapers are featured in the Ukrainian press. At the moment, they are able to satisfy even the most demanding readers. Such presses most clearly and in a special way respond to events occurring in society, has always been and remains one of the main communicative channels through which the child receives information of different content and form. There are no exceptions to television broadcasts, which eventually rallied in full-fledged television channels for children.

British illustrated periodicals of the end of XIX - beginning of XX century: demand and supply

The research paper analyzes the history of British illustrated periodicals of the late XIX — early XX century. Illustrated periodicals and newspapers both demand and supply features in the mass media market is explored. The proposed typology for illustrated print media is made according to the genre specifics and target audience of readers.

ZUPR periodicals are digitized as a historical source

The urgent question for today is digitizing of documents for the period of Ukrainian national revolution of 1917– 1921. The restored freedom of the press and the need of society to be informed properly led to the appearing of national information space aimed at the full realization of the idea of Ukrainian statehood. Particular note should be done on digitization and open access to media of theWest Ukrainian People’s Republic (ZUNR).