The Role of Periodicals for Development of Ukrainian-Polish Relations in Prykarpattia (Review Article)

: 34-39
Received: June 03, 2020
Accepted: October 11, 2020
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University

In Ukraine, media of national minorities support the principles of civil society, tolerance and social stability. Therefore, the analysis of activity of media of national minorities, especially Polish minority in Prykarpattia, is the task of this article.  A key method of the research is the comparative critical analysis of the activities of public organizations and private media of Polish minority in the Pre-Carpathian region. The author argues that registered periodicals and radios of Polish national minority in the Pre-Carpathian region develop the cultural and ethnical identity of this minority.  Polish-speaking and bilingual newspapers and magazines of Pre-Carpathian region are important factors, which help to preserve and publicly express identity, reveal the uniqueness of traditions, and the degree of assimilation. Permanent publishing of government-approved periodicals of Polish national minority develops the feeling of equality and gives the opportunity for its representatives to realize cultural demands. In general, we can say that media of national minorities raise awareness of society, promoting national reconciliation, mutual understanding between people, and development of society.

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